About me 🌿

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Since my childhood I had access to computer because my parents had a lan house. I knew HTML around the 2010s, when I created a blog to share my experiences with Club Penguin.

Games are my hobbie since early in my life and in 2015 I started a technical course focused in programming to develop skills to create my own games. In this course, I had my first contact with others languages focused in frontend development, like CSS and Javascript, and I discovered a great afinity with these skills.

After my high school, I started my studies at Impacta - a university focused in technology in Brazil - in System Analysis and Development. I started to go in many hackathons to increase my hard and soft skills, and in August, 2018, I joined in at Prefeitura de São Paulo as a intern.

Today I'm MBA in Full Stack Development by IGTI and work with software development at CI&T, using technologies like React and Drupal. Currently, I'm studying about GraphQL, Vue/Nuxt and Typescript.